Make Me Wanna Fall in Love  June 12, 2008 - August 12, 2008

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I'm in love, love, love - The Wall
I think I'm falling - That Falls Drop by Drop Upon the Heart
Oh, that's romance - The Anniversary Gift
That's so sweet - The Boy Next Door
Man I wish I were in love - Until Today, Anyway


Write me a romance/love story. Gay/lesbian stories very much welcomed, but can be about anything. Do not exceed 10 pages (I need time to read these stories). No erotica; sexual content is alright, but do not give me anything that has overwhelming sexuality to the point where the sexuality slows the story down.


Pride in being a romantic and a great writer.


Here's What I Say
Here's What I Say
Torrance, CA


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Created Jun 12, 2008

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