Make me fall in love, (with your writing)  March 22, 2009 - March 27, 2009

Contest Completed


Omg i love this (add to library) - My World
This was amazing (add to library) - Ethereal
this was great - Charlie\'s Advice
honarble mention - [writing deleted]
honarble mention - Blood and Roses
honarble mention - ^MYSTIC^
honarble mention - The trees and me
honarble mention - Cold
honarble mention - Mommy, I miss you
honarble mention - Chapter One G.A.


Give me your best. I want something I will fall in love with. In order to win I must love lvoe lovelvoe your story/poem/what ever <3 just give me your most fun/creative/best work <3 good luck.

btw nothing twilight related....


A fan of your writing and a badge to prove it.


Taylor H
Taylor H
Rocky Mount, VA


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Created Mar 23, 2009

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