Make me feel...  June 23, 2009 - June 25, 2009

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Either you made me feel one of the emotions above, or darn close - [writing deleted]
very good, got my emotions going good keep trying though - Life\'s Too Short To Worry About How Short Life Is
close, got my emotions going, but not quite enough - Like drinking peace from a bottle
good job, got my emotions to stir - Ben\'s Saturday
good write, but didnt grab my emotions - Star


happy, joy, make me smile, or make me feel good, reach me, its not easy to do these days, so lets see what you can do, no erotica, no drugs or alcohol.
Hopefully nothing too long, but i will set no official limit.


a ribbon/medal, and a big thanks


Brandon Lee Burton
Brandon Lee Burton
salem, OR


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Created Jun 23, 2009