Make me laugh!  March 24, 2007 - March 30, 2007

Reading and Deliberating


A lot of writers find comfort writing about their pain and despair. Shrug I'm still not sure why. So try and chanllege yourself and do something different. This contest is about humor finding joy and laughter in almost anything. This also free form. You can write about anything as long as I can perhaps get a chuckle out of it. Good luck!


The satisfying ego booster that is knowing you're funny.


I basically peed my pants I basically peed my pants
Laughed until I couldn't breath Laughed until I couldn't breath
Giggled insanely Giggled insanely
I snorted I snorted
I gwaffed o.O I gwaffed o.O


Sartre's Girl
Sartre's Girl
Kissimmee, FL


Created Mar 24, 2007

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