Makes you go Wow  November 17, 2013 - November 25, 2013

Contest Completed


Made me go WOW! - Fish Eyes
Made me think Lovely :) - Cradle
Loved it! - Lady Winter
Great Work! - When I Stop Caring


I wanna read something that makes me go wow! so i decided to set this contest up for you guys so that we could get going as a group to enjoy writting! It has to be poetry that is different from the usual, that means interesting concepts :) Good luck


Daisy Morgy
Daisy Morgy
Norwich, United Kingdom


20 Contestants
20 Submissions
Created Nov 17, 2013

Heaven Is Accessible
Heaven Is Accessible
Wondering how to be closer to the Spirit? Have you questioned religion lately? Tired of the same routine in life?
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