Masquerade Lovers <3  December 9, 2007 - January 4, 2008

Contest Completed


Winner - [writing deleted]
2nd place - [writing deleted]


What you need to do in this contest is to write a short story kind of like Romeo and Juliet (but not tragic in the end) meets Cinderella. Two lovers meet at a masquerade and fall in love, but something happens at the masquerade to pull them apart. (ex. a fire, attack by an unknown terrorist, whatever) Have a creative way to bring them back together! Good luck!


Honorable metions


Chelsea (Jade)
Chelsea (Jade)
I don't live in a city. I Live on a planet.


Created Dec 9, 2007

Mary Jo. Clare
My works are based off my real thoughts and experiences. Please allow yourself to truly experience and relate to them!
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