Masterpiece  February 25, 2012 - March 1, 2012

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First - [writing deleted]
Second - Self-Image
Third - Adulthood


Is it possible to create a masterpiece in one line? I think so, but I want to see if you can.
So all you have to do is create one line, only one line.
I'm going to be really strict this time. One line means one full stop. It means no line breaks (so no poems). No extended sentences that have just got the full stops taken out of them. Nothing like that.
Here is an example of one line;
"Tis just a piece of paper, a fickle beast I say."
One line, simple. So, if you do not follow any of the above guidelines you will be disqualified.
Also, if you want a review could you please message me with the name of your entry(ies), otherwise you most likely won't get a review.
So, any questions just ask. I'm looking forward to seeing your masterpieces. Good luck



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