May 2011 - Poems To Our Soldiers  June 19, 2011 - July 1, 2011

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May 2011 Winner - Poems To Our Soldiers - The Bold and The Brave
May 2011 Merit - Poems To Our Soldiers - Our True Heroes
May 2011 Merit - Poems To Our Soldiers - [writing deleted]
May 2011 Merit - Poems To Our Soldiers - You wait and you wonder
May 2011 Merit - Poems To Our Soldiers - Invictus


(I apologize for the lateness! I'm trying to catch up!)

Our soldiers and their families make many sacrifices for our country. The soldiers themselves leave their families to attend to a dangerous job. Their spouses are the glue to hold everyone together. Their children move from place to place and get too use to saying goodbye to friends. Let's say thank you to these folks for all they sacrifice in the name of our nation. I'm looking for poems to our soldiers and their families for all they do.

** By entering the contest you, as the writer, agree to give me the permission to print your work solely in the one anthology for which this contest was intended. By entering this contest, you also agree and understand that you will receive no payment or royalties on the sale of the book and have no rights and/or claims to the book as a whole or part. Book information will be posted on my website and books will be made available for sale in 2012.


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