May Poetry Contest!  May 1, 2017 - May 31, 2017

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It's that time of the month again! In case you haven't seen this contest yet, first of all welcome! Each month I'll be posted a poetry contest in search for the best poem. Any type of poetry can be submitted, however for your convenience there is an optional theme you can choose to follow. It won't hurt or help your chances it's there in case you can't think of anything. There is one special rule for this contests because it's monthly: DUPLICATES WILL NOT BE TAKEN IN FOR CONSIDERATION FOR PLACING IF THEY HAVE ALREADY WON A TITLE IN THESE MONTHLY CONTESTS. Since I judge all of them, I will notice any and all repeats, and if I see a submission that has already been awarded a title I will immediately down vote it. This is to give other people the chance to win. I will hopefully post the results within a week or so after the end date. Happy writing!

Theme: Stuff having to do with mangoes or oranges. (I know it's a little weird but have fun with it!)


I'll send out read requests for the top 5


Heromen Selena
Heromen Selena
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