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Whoa. Be my new best friend? - Conclusion


Like music? I do! So here's what's up:

I'm going to list some songs from some of my favorite bands and your job is to pick a verse from one of them and write a poem about it. It can be prose, rhyming, shape, whatever floats your lyrical boat.
Just be sure to add the verse somewhere in your entry-- either in the poem itself and italicized, or before or after your poem, italicized.

So here are the songs:
-Self Conclusion by The Spill Canvas
-Remember To Feel Real by Armor For Sleep
-You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keeps Your Heart In The Clouds by Mayday Parade
-My Immortal by Evanescence
-Cemetary by Say Anything
-All At Once by The Fray

You may be thinking, "Blehh I want to do a band that I like." And that's okay too, just make sure you let me know what band and song you choose. I would just prefer one of the listed songs, but it's whatever you fancy.
Also, if you want to pick one of the listed bands but a different song, that's perfectly fine as well.

If you want more song suggestion, feel free to message me. Have fun!



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