Meaningful Rhyming Poetry  May 30, 2012 - June 1, 2012

Contest Completed


1st. You harnessed meaning and all it's worth - [writing deleted]
2nd. You could be meaning's mentor - Omar Khayyam
3rd. You injected meaning into the ink of your poem with a passion - [writing deleted]
4th. You captured meaning and discovered its secrets - Mystique
5th. You silently waited to ambush meaning and succeeded - One Thing To Start It All
6th. You lassoed and hogtied meaning - Ophelia
7th. You embraced meaning and wouldn't let go - Into darkness...
8th. You were apprenticed to both rhyme and meaning - The Becoming
9th. I am quite impressed with your ability to mingle meaning and rhyme - Pandemonium
10th. You had me nodding approval the whole time - No Storms to Weather


Any poem that either rhymes or has really nice rhythm is acceptable. The rhyme scheme doesn't matter as long as it is quite consistent.
I want to see how much meaning you can put in each poem while still keeping to a rhyme scheme, the winners will be chosen on the best meaning and how much of it.
Won't be held too long, and number of places might change according to the amount of submissions


The feeling of Greatness




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43 Submissions
Created May 31, 2012