Meaningful poems  April 16, 2015 - May 3, 2015

Contest Completed


First place, great piece - My Dearest Friend
Second place, great piece - [writing deleted]
Third place, great piece - War
Fourth place, very good - I'm Sick of Half-Sized Coffins
Fifth place, very good - Forever With You
Sixth place, very good - Wastelands
Seventh place, good job! - Humans
Eighth place, good job! - [writing deleted]
Ninth place! [honorable mention] - [writing deleted]
Tenth place! [honorable mention] - The Incomplete Puzzle


Write a poem, short story, book chapter, screenplay, stage play [and that's it, please no books because I may not have time to finish it and that wouldn't be fair for you] about anything you see as meaningful, personally or something that you think should be seen as more meaningful in general, please, nothing sexual.


I can put your piece up on my twitter, I will assume you're ok with this but If you don't want that just message and tell me, if you forget and still don't want it up I can always take it down


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