Mental Illness  April 26, 2013 - May 2, 2013

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:) - [writing deleted]
:) - [writing deleted]
:) - I Saved Me
:) - Scarlet Flower
:) - [writing deleted]
:) - Insomniac Dreams
:) - Scars
:) - The Skinny Game
:) - Burning Fingers
:) - Josh


I would like to read poems about mental illness: depression, anxiety, eating disorder, self-harm, etc.

Ends in a week.

I don't really want to 'judge' these, more like I just want to read them, but you will still get awards. There will be no specifications of first, second, third and so on.


Blue Belle
Blue Belle
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Siren's Song Chapter 2
Siren's Song Chapter 2
Lamia arrives in Westerwood, attempting to gather information about the town and its competitors.
Siren's Song
Siren's Song
In a sleepy hidden town, a resident wizard stands guard. The competition gets out of hand, and someone may not come back