Merry Times; Merry Measures (drunk pieces)  November 20, 2010 - January 20, 2011

Reading and Deliberating


I want pieces about being drunk. Anything about being drunk: happy drunk, sad drunk, raging drunk; whatever works. I will take stories and poems (please no chapters) and I'm not providing a word limit, though if it's too long for me to read it in a decent amount of time, it won't be considered for a prize or even finished reading (so no review).* I'll at least message you and let you know. Fair enough? Wait. This is my contest. I say that's fretty pucking fair. Now get to boozing and send me those pieces.


quality reviews on every piece you enter*


Pirst Flace Pirst Flace
Pecond Slace Pecond Slace
Pird Thlace Pird Thlace
Pourth Flace (hon. mention) Pourth Flace (hon. mention)
Pith Flace (hon. mention( Pith Flace (hon. mention(



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Created Nov 20, 2010

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