Mirror, Mirror... Reflecting on Reflections  December 9, 2011 - January 30, 2012

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Ruler of Reflections - Lies the mirror tells
Master of Mirrors - The Broken Mirror
Shiny Shard - [writing deleted]
Shiny Shard - [writing deleted]


Everywhere we go, we find ourselves confronted with our reflections.
Be it the morning routine in front of the bathroom mirror, the blurry distorted picture of us on the surface of a puddle, a ghost-like shadow of ourselves staring back at us when we look out of windows or us consciously giving our reflection a once over.
What we feel when we face ourselves can differ depending on the situation, the place we meet with our counterparts and our general attitude towards it.
How we feel about our reflection often reflects how we feel about ourselves, the range of emotions infinite.
Submit your take on looking glasses, reflections or the person reflected, but there must be a connection between the mental self-reflection of the soul and the relection the mirror shows, be it a monster, a stranger or whatever to the on-looker's eyes.
This is a contest for poems on that topic only, entering prose poems is permitted, but rhyming poetry is prefered.


A review reflecting on your reflection


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