Mirror Mirror #1  January 10, 2015 - March 31, 2015

Contest Completed


Mirror Image - Soldering


Write a poem in dialogue with one of my poems! You have 5 to choose from (listed below) - make sure you mention your choice in the title or the body of the poem so it's clear. You can either write a poem in whatever form you'd like but about a similar subject matter as my poem (i.e. for "Angry Girlfriend's Rummage Sale," you could write a poem about a cheating boy/girlfriend), OR you can write a thematically similar poem using the same form (i.e. for "Morning" you could write a set of quatrains about a horrible life experience). Remember, I'm not looking for copying - make it connected but still your own!

1) Angry Girlfriend’s Rummage Sale
2) Autumn
3) Ginger is the Root
4) Morning
5) Proposal


I will read and review 3 of your pieces of work


Chicago, IL


4 Contestants
6 Submissions
Created Jan 8, 2015

Believe It Or Not Believe It Or Not
This is my first attempt at slam poetry, and I'm excited to film a performance of this piece over the coming day.
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