Missin You  January 25, 2011 - February 20, 2011

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Magnificent - `missing you`
Spectacular - [writing deleted]
Wonderful - Perfect
Charming - Blemished with hue


Alright. I hate poems/stories/anything that has to do with love. For whatever reason, I can't read about it. But, I'm making an exception to see if people can fulfill what I want.

Write me a poem or short story about missing the guy that you're in love with. BUT, don't make it mushy and sad. I know what it's like to miss somebody. Trust me. So don't bore me with what I've already felt. Give me a new perspective on love. Without using lovey dovey cliche phrases and story lines. Actually, don't even give me a story line. Give me originality. Give me something I can interpret. Let everybody get something different out of what you have to say.

What a challenge. Can't wait to read them. GOOD LUCK!

And yeah. That's me and my boyfriend in that picture above. We live 300 miles away from eachother. So you can see why this idea popped in my head.


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emily joe
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