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Missing Him, Missing Her  January 2, 2009 - February 2, 2009

Contest Completed


Lost Without You - I Miss You...
Obsessed - Still with me...
Pining Away - When The Time Comes
Unfulfilled Longing - Dark December
Constant Ache - Let Winter Come So That it May Be Spring Again, Airi
Left Yearning - [writing deleted]
Misplaced Love - Music for my soul.
Craving Your Touch - My Drug [9-24-08]
Fancy the Passion - [writing deleted]
A Yen for Sweetness - [writing deleted]
Wishing for More - I Walk in the Dark
Desire for love - [writing deleted]


This contest is all about love poetry. What do you miss about your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, lover/friend? So, obviously there has to be some sort of separation that has taken place either permanent or temporary. Looking for the specifics on why you long for him/her back. Be creative with descriptive words and/or metaphors. See if you can make me miss my love, too.


$0.00, Virtual Hugs and Kisses



57 Contestants
131 Submissions
Created Jan 2, 2009