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Moment of Silence  September 14, 2010 - October 14, 2010

Contest Completed


Unforgettable - Mending a Blanket
Inspiring - Minute.
Thought-Provoking - Reflections of a Life
Poignant - No Storms to Weather
Reminiscent - [writing deleted]
Dramatic - Beyond Skin
Stirring - The Rhythm is in the Heart
Moving - The Little Girl


This is a contest dedicated to all pieces of writing that make the reader stop and think at certain parts, or after the writing is over. Oftentimes, there is a moment of thoughtfulness that leaves the points of the writing still echoing in the reader's head even when it's done. No prizes, but any writing and any type of writing can be submitted. Deadline is October 14.


Pride and a Cyberhug :)



62 Contestants
110 Submissions
Created Sep 15, 2010