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More Contest Capers  May 1, 2015 - May 12, 2015

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Featured - `An invitation for sun`
Featured - [writing deleted]
Top 10 - Lovers breath
Top 10 - [writing deleted]
Top 10 - The Unfinished Death
Top 10 - Tetraphobia
Top 10 - Sheep will one day take over the world.
Top 10 - Bad Dream
Top 10 - Metamorphosis
Top 10 - Come On, Lover


This contest is for the group Contest Capers. Anyone can join the group so if you want to enter the contest, join the group, simple.
Any writing can be submitted, except mature writing. But be it story, poem, essay, you can enter it. If you enter a novel only the first chapter will be read unless you enter a specific chapter.
The winners will be chosen by voting and the top 2 will be featured.
Any questions of course please just ask.





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Created May 1, 2015