Most Liked Short Story of 2010  November 3, 2010 - November 4, 2010

Contest Completed


Champion : Most Liked Short Story of 2010 - Learning To Fly
1st runner up - Endlessly
2nd runner up - A day in the life of Zoe
3rd runner up - The House
4th runner up - Halloween
5th runner up - DENNY
6th runner up - Wanderlust Dreamers
7th runner up - Lucky Accident
8th runner up - A Mythtake of Olympic Proportions!
9th runner up - [writing deleted]


enter any short story that you think most people will love it:)


Jas Alejandrino Ramos
Jas Alejandrino Ramos
Pampanga, Philippines


16 Contestants
44 Submissions
Created Nov 3, 2010

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