Mr. Kult's Zombie Poem Contest  April 21, 2011 - May 25, 2011

Contest Completed


1st Place - A Walk in Deep Green Wood
2nd Place - Zombie Moon
3rd Place - Walking Dead


Do you like zombie's? Are you a Zombie? Are you tired of not getting the recognition you deserve in poetry?

well you came to the right place. This here be a contest for you. I want your Zombie Poetry, i want it to be about zombies, running from zombies, being zombies, making love to a zombie, or down right nasty zombie sex. Whatever

Just a few rules as always.

1. Just because it detaches doesn't make you a zombie.
2. If you shake it more than're playing with it.
3. If you giggle while writing it...sorry I can't read it.
4. If you have hemorrhoids....sorry can't read your work
5. If your still reading the rules your waisting time in entering.
6. Have Fun.


Matthew Kult
Matthew Kult
St. Louis, MO


6 Contestants
7 Submissions
Created Apr 21, 2011

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