Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me!!!  October 1, 2009 - October 14, 2009

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Welcome To Hell award - [writing deleted]
bang bang bang award - The Scent of Murder
death by stero award - Happiness is a Warm Gun
meet my knife award - Psychotically Yours
blood is black in the moonlight award - ^ IT ^
norman bates award - Crude Vampire
hannibal lecter award - [writing deleted]
jack the ripper award - Indulgent Psychopath vampire fright
the joker award - [writing deleted]
scarface award - The Massacre
say hello to my little friend badge - [writing deleted]
goodfellas badge - [writing deleted]
smoking glock badge - [writing deleted]
sawed off shot gun badge - [writing deleted]
bloody good badge - Bloody sword
pop gun award - [writing deleted]


anything poem or story that has to do with murder kind be vvery dark and gritty ... the more graphic the better chance of winning...


$a cool award by your name...


Sean M. Addams
Sean M. Addams
Davidson, NC


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