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Musical inspiration  December 6, 2009 - May 12, 2010

Reading and Deliberating


Create a short story or four (4) chapter book using the themes from a song. Maybe a story about a famous person who is now an outcast done with Viva la vida (Coldplay) as the inspiration, or maybe a guy or a girl trying to get his or her partner back after they broke up with What about now (Daughtry) as the inspiration. Or maybe you want to do something just about the sound, like with The speed of sound (Coldplay) with that airy yet soulful feel, doing something like that would be great because a lot of the time just the feeling and the sound of a song can inspire you for a fantastic story or book.
Some tips before you get started:
1. Rock music can be a fantastic place to start-nothing like Heavy Mental, something you can understand and feel-because Rock songs usually have lyrics with meaning; also listen to Contry/Contry Rock music.
2. Make sure you really love the song, make sure you understand it and you can really feel it, I know it doesn't make sense now but it will.
3. Also make sure make sure after you've written you short story/4 chapter book it makes sense. You wouldn't write a story about a breakup using Hey There Delilah as your inspiration.

Make it good! You have a ton of time to work on your story.
You may not use Heavy Metal Rock or Rap/Hip-hop as your inspiration.
As I've said before, it has to make SENSE.
Although you *can* send in any type of writting, I will only read Stories and Books.(remember books have a 4 Chapter limit)

If you need help with understanding what the contest intails, you may message me and I will send you a story I wrote using a song as the inspirtaion.

I'm picking a total of three (3) winners because I have a hard time chosing.
Good luck and write something great!

P.S. you may submitt two (2) stories if you wish, if you are to do that and you win, I will tell you which one won.


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