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My Beautiful Me!  April 14, 2009 - June 14, 2009

Contest Completed


Beautiful Insisde And Out Award - Is that Me?
Greatful To Be Alive Award - Dancing to my own Music
Happy They Way You Are Award - Just Plain Me
Heart Of Gold Award - [writing deleted]
Confident Person Award - Mirros of our minds
Keep Breathing Award - I\'m still here!
Mentionable Poem Award - [writing deleted]
mentionable Poem Award - [writing deleted]


everyone is beautiful in their own special way. And If anyone tries to judge you by how you look or dress or talk or walk or whatever it is, just remember,

your beautiful to me!

write a poem about how you think that your beautiful. Not a snobby way sort of poem, just a confident poem. One that makes you feel good about yourself.


a virtual hug, a smile, and the quote:"you are beautiful no matter what they say!" yes that is from a song.


not importent, MA


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15 Submissions
Created Apr 14, 2009

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