My Childrens Children  November 16, 2009 - December 6, 2009

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The Great Light Of Humanity Award!!! - [writing deleted]
Great Beacon of Humanity - [writing deleted]
The Enlightenment Award! - I Wish You Wings
The Dreamer Award! - [writing deleted]


Describe your hopes and fears , for the generations that will follow. Set out sign posts .Leave a trail for your children. Describe the hopes and fears for the generations to follow you. What will your children and their children take from you to help them down life's road. Spread some wisdom to them. Make their journeys more interesting. Give them a purpose and a hope to be proud of. Teach them something of the character that pervades your thoughts at this point. So they can look back and say things were so different back then. Give your life meaning. And in so doing show your children what it is you would like them to take from life.


You will have a purpose and my undying gratitude for the advancement of humanity!


Tate Morgan
Tate Morgan
Marion , OH


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