My Riddles Three  December 30, 2009 - February 14, 2010

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Riddle 1 Solver - My Shadow
Riddle 2 Solver - Riddle Answers
Riddle 3 Solver - MOON (Couplets: Riddle #3)
Bonus Prize - Three Poems


Below you will find three riddles, each written in a different poetic style. In order to submit something to this contest, you must solve the riddles and put your answers in the same poetic form as the riddle itself.

Make no mistake, this is difficult, so that's why I'm actually offering something of a prize. To each of the four winners, I will personally go through the rest of your writing and review at least three things (assuming you have three to review) in my trademark psychotically honest manner. If you are of faint heart, you can waive this prize if you so wish.

You can submit up to three times, so if you only know the answer to one, just send that in and you can submit again if you think of another.

The bonus prize is to someone that solves all three (or if no one does, the most) without winning any of the other prizes

Riddle 1 (Haiku)

Ever present one
Immune to harm and to pain
Dark and ever quiet

Never leaving me
Yet only the briefest touch
Illusory feel

It is me but not
Yet it can give me away
If seen before me

Riddle 2 (Limerick)

Here is a thing you will see
In my room, for it is to me
A delightful retreat
I put up my feet
And get swept far out to sea

It contains no sounds, only sights
It holds both laughter and frights
In your imagination
It creates a temptation
That holds you on dark lonely nights

It holds many a similar thing
And any are likely to bring
Out some emotion
Thus my devotion
Greater than that to a king

Riddle 3 (Rhyming Couplets)

Dents and holes, dust and rocks
Some parts even crater-pocked
Cold as ice, old as time
To it we could never climb
Fly perhaps, if we choose
Seeing more celestial views
If the answer eludes your sight
Know it is a satellite

And just to help you guys out, here's an example of a solution. If the answer to the first riddle was, say, an apple, one might present this:

With red or green hue
Ever growing on the branch
An apple it is

By the way, the correct answer is NOT an apple


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