My Time of Day  December 11, 2011 - January 5, 2012

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1st place - lonely
2nd place - Firefly
3rd place - Predawn Darkness
Honourable mention - Fate
Honourable mention - [writing deleted]


Describe a time of day in the form of prose or poetry. Appeal to all the senses. Make me feel the buttery sunlight on my skin or the chilly embrace of night, or anything in between. Please keep your entries below 1000 words. If you want to see an example of the product of this prompt, I wrote my own here:

You can include a storyline within your description if you wish, as long as the time of day is a central element. Give it your all. I will be selecting winners based on how evocative the imagery is, the skill of the writer and (although this isn't the most important part) how professionally the work is presented. That means you can use WritersCafe's default text formatting and proofread your work for errors in spelling and punctuation. But most of all, have fun with it :)

This contest was inspired by a writing prompt by the same name (available here:


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