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Newsletter for March 14, 2008

Please, only original works - NO pre-published writes...

~ Mystery Prologue

Have you ever envisioned yourself as a successful writer? Climbing to the top ten, or for-that-matter the top one-hundred of the �New York Times� best seller list. What does it entail achieving such an honor, further more, what does it take to hold this position� to be one of the few with words so powerful, a storyline strong enough to carry that title for forty consecutive weeks or more.

Here at �Poetic Infusion Society�, we have these talents (almost 6000) times over. With a net-work with the net-worth of ours �together we can�, not only publish one writer, however publish twenty-five in one shot.

Question: How is this possible�?
Answer: (Collaborative �Writing�: Definition - To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort)

Question: Where do we begin�?
Answer: Here�s how it works� We post (By utilizing the contest center on Writers Cafe) a chance for our members to submit a prologue� Yes indeed - a topic of your of choosing. (One submission per member Please on each contest)

Question: Do we submit chapter�s right after the prologue�?
Answer: No� We will post a new contest for each new chapter. (We will notify you 2 days prior to the opening of the next chapter. Here you will find the last chapter selected as the overall winner. From there, you will continue utilizing the previous chapters as your foundation. Growing of characters twists of story line, development of plot etc�

Question: Are there any age requirements�?
Answer: No� There are no age, education and or experience required. WAIT� There is but one requirement, to HAVE FUN�

Question: Are there any limitations�?
Answer: Regardless of the topic (just please, allow it to be family-friendly - i.e.: neither porn nor sexually explicit topics, Please.)

Question: What time frame do we have�?
Answer: Each submission (contest) will very between 2 and 4 weeks.

Question: Can we enter more than one contest�?
Answer: Yes� Each chapter you will have the opportunity to submit your work. You can be chosen for more than one chapter in the book.

Question: Who will judge these chapters�?
Answer: We are putting a panel of judges together. (Your personal information such as name etc., will be kept out of the judges hands)

Question: Will there be any financial gain�?
Answer: Yes, we are convinced between the combined talents and efforts of our members, this will be a huge success. Benefits - Think of the elite crowd of "successful published writers"... is your name among that list? NOW it can be, no excuses � If you place in any one of these contest and are among the name creation prologue and or chapters, you will have a percentage of proceeds from the book itself. Your name will be featured as a writer, combined with the other authors. COLLABORATIVE WRITING AT ITS BEST!!!! Once the book is publish proceeds will be dispersed according to the number of authors aboard. Each author will gain their percentage according to the number of contests they have won. (Published)

Question: Can our family-friends participate as well�?
Answer: A Most resounding Yes!� The only stipulation with this, they will need to register as a member to submit their entries.

Question: the point of this that by the end of all of the contests we will each have finished a book? Or will the end result be a mix of different authors' stories?
Answer: In the end, together we will have created one (1) Novel. To the second part of your question � there will be (undecided as of yet 20-25 chapters) meaning... their will, indeed be 20-25 authors with different parts to the story (Note: Different Parts to the Story) (Note: Not 20-25 different stories... 20-25 different Authors contributing to one (1) BOOK 'ONLY')

Question: Is there any down time between chapters�?
Answer: No� No� No� Please keep an eye out, we will be moving forward with such momentum that even at a moments notice our next task will be up and running. There will be only a two day notice (via personal message) of next contest, THEY WILL BE RUNNING CONSECUTIVE.

So, take this opportunity that fate has put in front of you and run with it. We await your creativity.

Thank you for your participation in advance.

Please, if there are any further questions you feel need to be added to this Newsletter, feel free. We will take them into consideration and revise A.S.A.P�

Good Luck and Please Have Fun�



Sharing in the proceeds of the book we all create... Named as a participating author and satisfacation knowing you have become published.



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