NIGHTMARES!!!!  December 10, 2012 - January 13, 2013

Contest Completed


Nightmare Master Award - Black Nightmare
Nightmare killer Award - Blink it Away
Nightmare Stalker Award - Shadow People
Nightmare Monster Award - The Nightmare Clown
Nightmare in my closet Award - [writing deleted]
Nightmare under my bed Award - A Talk With Goetia


ONE definition of "nightmare" is a dream which causes one to wake up in the middle of sleep cycle and experience a negative emotion,such as fear. Ok DARK REALM members,let's see what you got. Submit your poems about nightmares. They can be one that you had or you can make one up. Make sure to put that TERROR and FEAR in your poem so it can grab the reader and scare the s**t outta them,haha. We all know what nightmares are like,full of danger,discomfort,psychological and physical terror. Anyone familiar with The Old Hag Syndrome? Write one about that if you like. DARK REALM members will vote on winners. This contest is for DARK REALM members only!!!


$000, First prize to have title as DARK REALM MASTER OF NIGHTMARES


Rob Santana
Rob Santana
Los Angeles, CA


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