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National Novel Month  November 1, 2008 - December 6, 2008

Contest Completed


NNM - First Place Winner - [writing deleted]
NNM - Second Place Winner - The Beginning
NNM - Third Place Winner - [writing deleted]
NNM - Fourth Place Winner - 1. Facing Demons
NNM - Fifth Place Winner - The Path I Have Chosen - Chapter 1: Chosen
NNM - Sixth Place Winner - [writing deleted]
NNM - Good use of Story/Poem in First Chapter - four red walls: january
NNM - Best told Story in First Chapter - Prologue
NNM - Best Elven Fun in First Chapter - Chapter One
NNM - Best Real life in First Chapter - Chapter One (PINK)
NNM - Best Baby to come in First Chapter - Heartstrings Chapter 1.0
NNM - Best insanity in the First Chapter - The Zoo Called New York
NNM - Best Checking for Ghosts, First Chapter - [writing deleted]
NNM - Best, makes me want to check my cats, first chapter. - [writing deleted]
NNM - Best Acient Greece First Chapter (I have ever read) :) Good Job! - [writing deleted]
NNM - Best, Hope it turns out to be good in the end First Chapter - [writing deleted]


November is National Novel Month. In honor of it I'm hosting a contest. I'm looking for the first chapter of a novel idea. Let me see what you good novel writers have. :) It can be on any subject you want. First chapters please!

Show me your best! :)


For now 5 Ribbons, but depending on how many come in. It might be more than 5.



16 Contestants
16 Submissions
Created Oct 29, 2008