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Nature At Its Best!  August 9, 2010 - August 11, 2010

Contest Completed


Green Nature! - In Celebration Of Trees
Lovely Nature! - blue fields of wild indigo
Splendid Nature! - Laurel Leaves
Beautiful Nature! - Night Birds


Hi poets!!

Yet again a new contest....
We all love nature, and nature gives a lot of inspiration to write poems, isn't it?? Then why should wait, submit any of your poems which is about nature,

BUT, there is one condition, the poem should describe either ANIMALS, BIRDS, or TREES/FORESTS...

Nothing else apart from the above three categories....


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Shalini Dinesh (Poet's World)
Shalini Dinesh (Poet's World)
I live in the beautiful city , where the sun kisses the sands along the sea shore..., India


10 Contestants
10 Submissions
Created Aug 9, 2010