Nature Teaches  November 22, 2010 - November 28, 2010

Contest Completed


Nature Teaches - Have You Ever?
Unique Vision - [writing deleted]
It's in the Details - Whistles of the Night
Rare Observance - Telescopes
Life Observed - [writing deleted]
Nature's Wisdom - Like drinking peace from a bottle
Best Flora - Sleeping with summer
Best Fauna - Wild things
Most Reviewed Poem - Ode to the trees


Poetry about nature that teaches or create an image of something rarely observed.

For example, write about a specific bird, flower or place. If you are writing about the sky, name the type of clouds you see.

Tell us about what you have learned from nature. Use your imagination.

This contest is all about the details.


I will read and review every submitted poem.


Desert Dreamer
Desert Dreamer
Sonoran Desert, AZ


17 Contestants
17 Submissions
Created Nov 22, 2010

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