Nature in Three Lines  June 29, 2011 - July 30, 2011

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Beings of the Earth - Kinaalda-Rite of Passage
Beings of the Sky - [writing deleted]
Beings of the Dream - [writing deleted]


This contest is for nature poetry that fits a specific format.

Three lines only, no more, no less. New poetry only please.

Line 1- describe a place or activity in nature

Line 2- describe an action by a specific living or physical thing that is part of the natural world, including the wind, the rain, a bird, the sun, use your imagination...

Line 3 - A human or personal response to the images and actions in the first two lines, can be an action, a thought, a feeling...

If you would like, you can use haiku format for your poem, but this is not necessary.

Note: This poetic format is loosely based on a common format I've observed while reading traditional songs and dream poetry of the O'odham people of the desert. Often the traditional poetry is based on a dream and occasionally includes supernatural beings, feel free to include this kind of being or scenery in the first two lines of your poem as long as has a nature theme.

Bonus points if your poem is based on a dream.

Make your words meaningful and please, make your poem show some kind of connection between humans and the natural (or supernatural) world.


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Desert Dreamer
Desert Dreamer
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