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Nature  March 9, 2010 - March 30, 2010

Contest Completed


Gold - My World
Silver - Out my Window
Bronze - April Rain


This contest is all about nature. You can submit practically anything that has to do with nature on this contest (poems, stories, etc.) But one thing that is off limits (and you will not be chosen to be the winner) is anything inappropriate for people under 13. I encourage you to not use any cuss words (I don't know how you would use any cuss words in nature, but I'm just throwing it out there) but, I can't completely stop it because I know that there are kids out there who cuss a lot even under 10. But, please be respectful and think of the people who are viewing this. Thank you :)!


The 3 winners be featured on the "Tree Huggers" group here at Writer's Cafe



22 Contestants
34 Submissions
Created Mar 9, 2010