Need Reviews? I  February 13, 2015 - February 21, 2015

Contest Completed


Winner - The Creature
Winner - [writing deleted]
Winner - The Copper Penny
Winner - Chasing the Absent Breakthrough
Winner - A Cute Kind Of Crazy
Winner - Into the Wheatfield
Winner - [writing deleted]
Winner - [writing deleted]
Winner - Waiting at a Bus Stop
Winner - Thoughts on a Train


This is a short story contest for those of you that are having a hard time receiving reviews and feedback for your works. If you have a story that has zero to few reviews or you have a story that you really need feedback on, enter it into this contest for the shot at winning some!

I will not judge a story based on how many reviews it does or doesn't have, so as to be fair to all the contestants.

If you do not score a win in this particular contest, there will be a New Reviews? II contest that will be launched after this one, so have no fear! :)

You may submit 7 short stories of yours and there will be 10 winners in total.

Good luck!



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