New Way of Writing...  September 11, 2007 - October 12, 2007

Reading and Deliberating


Okay, at first when I wrote this poem ( ), i just wrote it to tell people what happened and try to...i dunno, just be aware of what's happening in South Korea. Well, someone that commented on it mentioned that it looked like a new form of writing, because it's like poetry and journalism combined. I told what happened, but in a poem and in poetic words, making it sound pretty and conveying a fact at the same time. Well, I wanna see what other people can do with that. Like, I want someone to tell about something that happened around the world (preferably something that America didn't hear about, though it doesn't matter), but in poetic form. I don't care if it's acrostic, haiku or whatever...But it would probably be better to make it longer so you can completely tell what happened, so maybe a haiku wouldn't be a great idea.


I will review half of your works, promote you as best I can and plus you get a cool medal thingy.


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Created Sep 11, 2007

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