New Years Resolutions  December 19, 2007 - January 1, 2008

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We raise a glass of champagne to your resolutions! - [writing deleted]
Smothered in kisses at midnight! - [writing deleted]
Your resolutions rock! - [writing deleted]
Your hangover was reprieved! - [writing deleted]
You get to spank baby new year! - [writing deleted]
Father time was good to you! - [writing deleted]
Enjoy a confetti shower! - [writing deleted]


OK we are looking for writing about new years resolutions. I decided to go ahead and start in now to give time for people to write something. I t can be any type any genre as long as it is about New Years Resolutions. Whether you don't believe in them or you make them every year. I am sure all the brilliant writers out there can produce a great work about it! It can be fictional or something that really happened. So this should be a cake walk. There is only the one rule!


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Paula M. Potter
Paula M. Potter
Clarksville, TN


Created Dec 20, 2007