Night of the Crimson Blood  December 24, 2009 - January 22, 2010

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I have added a story of about 278 words. You need to complete it and give it a title. It should NOT exceed 800 words. The best entry will be chosen on the basis of the type of language, vocabulary, if the story makes any sense, descriptions, and a moral or a twist in the tale will also make ur chances of winning higher. Good luck.

Here's the story:
Ralph Reynolds sprinted with a staggering legerdemain through the narrow and claustrophobic streets of Paris, not daring to steal a glimpse behind him with the stark fear that he would collide into someone in the endeavor.

The streets moved past him in a blur, it seemed. He went on running, that is till he came across a fork and he had to ponder upon which lane to take. It turns out that he played his cards badly and took the one lying to his right. He ran on, adroitly avoiding all obstacles that fell along his way, but the stars had turned against him. He hit upon a dead end, and no other place was left to him but to go back. But that was one option that was completely sealed to him, unless he wanted to face them- the Hell Hounds.

It was a wonder to him, that no one else noticed them; perhaps they had adopted a camouflage. There was no saying what those pets of Lucifer were capable of. He pursed his lips together, and stood with his palpitating heartbeat before the dead end, ransacking his brains for some solution to the predicament.

The sun was falling low on the horizon, it was about time that the forces of night would be unleashed, and the full moon would secure its position directly above them. The atmosphere had turned to a shade of amber and would soon become navy blue with a few small silver sparkles thrown in between to crown the effect. But it was an ignominy that the beautiful night’s royalty would get disgraced by the shedding of crimson blood beneath its starry haven.


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