No More Crap  August 9, 2010 - October 1, 2010

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No More Crap! - Shores of change
Writing With a Purpose - Shoutout
Finally, Some Meaning - What Value a Life?
Shout it Out - Third Tour
A Sad Realisation - Attention Defunct
Bring Awareness - The Breaking Point
Powerful Words - Us
Not to be Ignored - free
Listen Up - Independence Day
Take Notes - To Die By A Sword


This is a contest for mature writers. People who don't just write emulating love poems, heartbreak or "pity me" pieces. I want the good stuff. Write a poem or story (stories prefered) about something that actually means something in the world.

These predictable poems are taking over and I want some writing with depth and inspiration and emotion. Write about important topics such as genocide, human trafficking, womens rights, (or mens rights) equality, poverty, things that NEED to be written about and brought awarness to. Any writing that does not meet specifications will not be considered, all others- every piece- will be reviewed by me and hopefully by other contestants.

Try to write about a topic that is not seen very often. Something you have never read about on here but would love for people to know about. Write from the mind and write from the heart. Can't wait to read

By the way, for the awards, they're not "1st, 2nd, 3rd" They're all first place, but the winners that place will have won first place in accordance to the titles of the awards




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