Nonsense  July 7, 2012 - July 12, 2012

Contest Completed


'Twas a thing of beauty. - [writing deleted]
Utter Nonsense - [writing deleted]
Absolutely Hilarious - Mind - Body, A Conversation
Completely Crazy - The Whitetail Burglar
Fantastically Funny - Ahemm!
Simply Stupendous - Ideas, dreams, unfathomable things!
Honorable Mention - Department 29 - Chpt 1
Honorable Mention - [writing deleted]


I want you to write something that's crazy, random, hilarious, or complete nonsense.

~Don't think!~

Just let your brain run wild and write down whatever comes to mind, even if it's complete and utter nonsense.


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Created Jul 7, 2012

Solemnly Swear
An action-packed suspense thriller that explores the fragile balance between justice and self-preservation.
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