Not really a contest, but still...  July 28, 2012 - September 5, 2012

Reading and Deliberating


This isn't actually a contest, but it's just something I want to do. I want to make a piece, that draws on what others have to say. (It's a bit like verbatim theatre if you know what that is). I'd like it to be about freedom, and society, and anything around that topic, it can be broad.
So what I'm asking, is for you, to submit anything that follows the above topic (it's extremely broad, so even if there's only a little bit that follows the topic, shove it in, but please don't enter anything irrelevant). And you have to be happy for me to include it in my piece. Of course I'll acknowledge everyone (I'm not just going to steal what you say). If you don't want me to use a certain part of a piece entered, just tell me and I won't include that.
There's also another way. If you don't actually have something posted that you want to say, you can just mail me what you have to say on the topic. So it doesn't have to be an actual piece. Or if you have a piece and most of it is irrelevant you can just mail me the lines that are. However you want to do it. If you say a few lines to be I'll be over the moon.
In the end, I'm only going to be taking a little bit from each really.
ONE more thing, because when I go to read any submissions I can't tell who wrote them, it would be much appreciated if you could mail me with the titles you submitted. It would make it so much easier for acknowledging you.
Oh and since I have to assign an award (though you all get brownie points for entering), the one that I enjoyed the most will win. But this isn't so much a contest.
I'm going to have this open for a month, but if I don't get enough submissions I will extend it.
So, to end, any questions please please ask, and I'll clarify it as best as I can. I can understand how this could be confusing.
The biggest thank you if you enter, this can't work without you.


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