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Not the adverage happy ending...  May 27, 2009 - June 27, 2009

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Best New Ending - Frank the Phrenologist and the Fabulous Wolf Woman
Second Best New Ending - When No Human Could
Third Best New Ending - Moonrise
Great Ending - [writing deleted]
Mentionable Work - Free To Love
Mentionable Work - A Walk in the Sun
Mentionable Work - Time & Harmony


Every story has an ending right? of course it does! Now some people like happy endings. Well happy endings don't always have to be endings with true loves kiss and hapily ever afters together with princes and prinsseses! A happy ending could be someone overcoming an obstacle, or learning a life lesson, or over coming a broken heart. If you have trouble, read my short story called moonlight for inspiration. thats a new kind of happy ending. Write your own SHORT STORY with a new kind of happy ending.


$0.00, knowing your a good story teller/ writter


not importent, MA


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