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Ever wondered what it could be like to have your book on the big screen? Watching famous, talented actors portray those characters you made and love? Well this competition is all about getting a step closer to your goal. I’m a script writer, taking a course in screen writing, and some say I’m pretty good. So what this competition is about; is i want to turn your book into a movie script.
First Prize, I’ll turn your whole book into a script...although it may take a while.
Second Prize, I’ll turn the first few chapters (depending on how long your book is) into a script.
Third Prize, I will read your book and take what I think are important introduction scenes, and make a Pilot episode as if you’re book were to be a television series.

Please note: you can enter two books/stories although you can only place once per person.

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stated in description..


First Prize: Entire Script. First Prize: Entire Script.
Second Prize: First few chapters Second Prize: First few chapters
Third Prize: Pilot episode. Third Prize: Pilot episode.


Not telling!, SecretVille., Australia


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