Novel Contest  October 31, 2010 - June 11, 2011

Contest Completed


Featured Writer - [writing deleted]
Featured Writing - Cheating Death
Honorable Mention - Surviving the Apocalypse, Boys, and Teenage Angst


Rules are the same in this contest as they were in the last contest.
1) Only one submission is allowed. Only COMPLETED OR NEAR COMPLETED NOVELS PLEASE.
2) Will look at how it feels, sounds, and reads.
3) Contest will last 6 MONTHS.
4) The novels can be poetry books or short story collections or chapter books.
5) 3 finalists will be chosen. An email will be sent to the three to add their novel to a new contest that will be decided by group members.



45 Contestants
45 Submissions
Created Nov 1, 2010

Nefarious Nefarious
Evil has a new name, and it's Nefarious. Once you've entered his world, you'll never forget him...
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