November Poetry Contest!  November 1, 2016 - November 30, 2016

Contest Completed


First - I Feel it Now
Second - Haunted
Third - When I'm old and lonely
Fourth - December's Tale
Fifth - Vanity


Hi again! Each month I'll be posting a poetry contest in search of the best poem. Brownie points are given to those who follow the theme, but it is not a requirement. Feel free to post any type of poetry. However: DUPLICATES WILL NOT BE TAKEN IN FOR CONSIDERATION FOR PLACING IF THEY HAVE ALREADY WON A TITLE. I will notice them, and if I see any that have already placed I will not consider it. Hopefully I'll post the results within a week of the contest's end date. Happy writing and good luck!

Theme: Food As A Description. As an example of what I mean, "Her lips were as red as strawberries."


I'll send out read requests for the top 5


Heromen Selena
Heromen Selena
Somewhere Over the Rainbow, NH


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Created Oct 1, 2016

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