Now You're Cooking!  July 27, 2007 - August 27, 2007

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Chef Extraordinaire - [writing deleted]
Creative Culinary Artist - [writing deleted]
Simply Sous Chef - [writing deleted]
Foodie (runner-up) - A Funny Thing Happened That Resulted In Me Drinking Quite Heavily For ..
Foodie (runner-up) - Cooking Lessons


Write a short story or poem where a complete recipe is at the core. You must include the ingredients and how to prepare your dish. The recipe can be real (like brownies) or figurative (like a good marriage). For example, a recipe for love might be a poem in and of itself: a spoonful of lust, I'd say that was a must.... or the recipe can be a crucial part of a mystery, or the focal point in a pastiche of family life... It could be a Recipe for Disaster or a Recipe for Fun... If you include a real recipe, it must be accurate enough to actually cook from!


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Created Jul 27, 2007