Of Blood and Eternity  August 15, 2012 - September 30, 2012

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1st Place - Eternal love
2nd Place - [writing deleted]
3rd Place - Tired of Drinking Blood


Greetings, fellow writers, and good day. For this contest I shall keep things simple. There are only a few rules and regulations to get out of the way before you're free to submit your works for my viewing pleasure.

The Task: Write a poem about Vampires. Read carefully though. Yes, I want a poem about the undead, but if you are clever enough to create a piece dealing with the subjects of blood and eternity that isn't necessarily about vampires, feel free to submit it as well. I like clever.

The Rules:

1.) Only poems may be submitted.
2.) Submitted poetry must either be about the subjects of blood and eternity, vampires, or both. Anything else will not be considered for an award.
3.) If I see anything directly related to the Twilight Saga, it will be quickly staked, dragged out into the sunlight, dismembered in a wood chipper, and summarily burned. Thank you for your cooperation.
3.) Please check your SPAG. I am very lenient in this matter when it comes to poetry, but I also would hate to get daggers in my eyes while reading.
4.) Don't molest the shift key. She is underage.
5.) I don't expect to see this happen, but if you harass either myself or another contestant for any reason, you will be disqualified and reported to moderators. The demand for civility is higher than ever these days, even as the supply continues to reach new lows.

Though not a rule, please browse the Recently Submitted window and give your fellow contestants much sought after reviews. We all want to know what our peers think of our work, otherwise none of us would be here.

I would like to extend my thanks to all who choose to enter this contest and wish each of you good luck.



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