On Tap # 4  February 16, 2011 - February 28, 2011

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1st Place-Headliner - Ariadne's Thread
1st Place-Headliner - [writing deleted]
2nd Place-Opening Act - "Widdershins Helix" ( Collaboration with Renee {MuSe AmpouLe} )


Contest for Hair of the Dog Group Members Only

On Tap #4 Prompt: Image

Three drinks in and you suddenly realize you left your wallet at home. S**t. George is giving you the stink-eye...he knows that look...the look that says you haven't got what it takes to pay for your inspiration. S**t, s**t! Mabel saunters over out of the blue and just in time, another minute under that unrelenting glare was going to set your skin on fire. She leans down so you can whisper your precarious situation into her ear and gives you a sideways look before standing straight. "I tell you what, Shugah, you go down to the basement and fetch me some items and I'll forgive your debt tonight."

You're intrigued and promise you'll do whatever she wants and that it will never happen again. Quickly she scribbles instructions on a piece of paper and hands it to you.

You stare at the items bewildered, seemingly unrelated and unconnected...and what the hell they'd be doing in a basement anyway... it all seems... surreal. A glance up to Mabel gains you a simple nod before she walks away. You're really going to have to remember to bring your wallet next time to avoid such a strange task in the future.

4th Prompt: This image is the key... write a piece that centers around this image. (it doesn't have to have anything to do with the previous paragraphs... that was just something to get your juices flowing; feel free to use it or not)

The Challenge: The description of the stairs above MUST be done in a Surreal Style! AND (added challenge) This must be a collaborative piece (2 or more writers per piece) (ha ha, you surreal writers thought this was going to be a cake walk for a moment, but no!) Go all out...challenge perception and all the senses surrounding this staircase.

Questions? You know where to find me.
Comments about how evil I am...George is implementing a new feedback system. Write your comment on a piece of paper...place it in the receptacle (toilet bowl) and pull the lever to submit (flush).

Because this is a collaborative work the prizes will be awarded to both members! there will be 5 sets of winners!


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