On Tap # 5  March 1, 2011 - March 15, 2011

Contest Completed


1st Place-Headliner - Zombies and Vampires and Senators....Oh My! (On tap prompt)
2nd Place-Opening Act - what's eating you?
3rd Place-Mic Check - Observer


Contest for Hair of the Dog Group Members Only

Oh, you've been hittin' the inspiration hard lately! Had to go...take care of business for a moment or two...yeah, it was ok to leave your laptop out on the table, Mable will be sure to watch it. Whilst in the stall taking care of business you overhear some stuffed shirt winos who happened into George's pub by mistake. Of course they're sauced up on the high octane..cause they had outlet to use the intoxicating brew that Mabel puts out. You laugh...those fuckers are drunk!

Non-poets...psch...what a waste to give them inspiration! Though...you can't help but to overhear their conversation. Oh, they're whispering softly now...you have to strain to hear them.

What? What was that? No, surely you must have heard wrong. There's no way they could be talking about some crazy s**t like that.

Prompt: A Vampire and a Zombie get into a dispute over ethics. (yes, this is the crazy s**t those suites were talking about)

Rules: You can use at least one more "creature" (any creature, completely up to you) to make the case in point for either the Vampire or the Zombie.
No more than 1,500 words for the prose/stories
No less than 6 stanzas for poetry (any form, any structure)


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